to S.ab and the hidden Sydneysiders for the work on this website.


Several years ago I stopped imagining the speech I would deliver in front of a huge crowd at the Festival de Cannes or any official cinema celebration because i’m not part of this industry and I will not receive an Oscar for my life and it’s ok

I am fine where I dwell now, in a landscape of words and moves, finally blending soul and spirit

if I’m here, it’s not just thanks to me or my parents, life circumstances and karma, but certainly thanks to some wonderful people I met through my travels and who trusted me and boosted my confidence

it would feel awkward to list them all, but i especially think of people who led me to see life differently, think outside the box, be aware of my privileges (socially, geographically, so called “well-read and educated white middle class kid” but also as a person with a “valid” and validated body). My friends helped me rethinking patriarchy, the hegemony of monogamy, fuelled my potential to fight for my rights as a non-binary person, to imagine an alternative economic system, etc. , etc.

i may or may not be in touch with them anymore, but i would like to express thanks and gratitude for our collaboration, the time spent, for sharing, listening, inspiring one another whatever the language spoken

here are links to some also working as artists:


Amélie Cabocel


Andrea Zittlau and the Pink Gorilla Institute


Barbara Bianchi


Jo Bruhn


Katya Petetskaya


Laetitia Reboul


Laure Samama


Natalie Hofmann