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Artist’s statement:

I live as a poet, dance artist and translator: words, speech and moves are my material.

Sharing my ideas and texts via a travel blog (in French,
and a queer serial fiction
(in French, was not enough.
I distill my writings on the stage (spoken word)
and on the street (site specific performances). 

Some of my poems made it on Bachibouzouck culture review, sexpluszine, GoreZine, and the mutantisme blog and it feels wonderful to reach out to people I do not know.

A topic dear to my heart is landscape: I like to explore how our surrounding (buildings, smells, nature, etc.) influence human posture and moods, how the memory of the places can move us.  This research is inspiring written poems (Die Leiche, in French, Prenzlauer Twighlight, in English) or site specific performances with a butoh twist.

Another topic permeating my performances and texts has to do with the desexualization of the naked body (Free the nipple) in order to reach, some day, a neutral vision of human bodies and a post-gender discourse.