As a poet and a dance artist, I am driven by topics as diverse as planned obsolescence,
smells & landscape, the destructive power of the unsaid, sexualities (from abuse
to bliss), and a post-gender discourse.

Videos and excerpts on my vimeo page :

Solo shows (Concept and performance : Oddinmotion)

Beyond, sound: M. Flandergan, Rencontre en scène, Rostock Universität, 06/2018

Moi face aux autres, sound: Nora Neko, Asile 404, 03/2018, Marseille

Sitting Pretty, 10 Times 6, Ada Studios, 05/2015, Berlin

Recent collaborations (dance, dance-theatre)

Chambre, dir. Nora Neko and neKomata, Compagnie ça s’aKroche, Octobre 2018, Paris and Marseille

Mille-Mains, a dance-theatre performance on a text by Laure Samama, Le boudoir 2.0, Espace Cosmos, Arles, juillet 2018

Designed to die? a duet on planned obsolescence, with Jo Bruhn, premiered 10/2016 after a month residency at Lake Studios, Berlin

La Ligne d’Amour 49, alternative show on a city bus in Marseilles, France, 02/2018

Me_at Me, a film by S. Waldhaus, editing Z. Zandieh, a Ballhaus Naunynstrasse production for Kiez-Monatsschau vol. XXVII The Gold, The Curtain & Queer,

A Quest, a dance performance on home inspired by one of my poems (available here, Südstern Collective, Berlin, 2014

U-Bahn Aktion, a dance piece on public and private spaces performed on the Tube, Südstern Collective, Berlin, 2013


Site specific improvisation

Tripita and the Wizard, Mauerpark, Berlin, 01/07/2016

Inhaling Freedom, Fuerteventura desert, 16/02/2016

Pillars of contact, outdoor sculpture before the Museum of Sydney, 22/01/2015

Between a lamppost and a bird, Bicentennial Park, Sydney, 03/01/2015

Beyond, Camperdown Cemetery, Sydney, 18/12/2014

Proximities, William Barak Bridge, Melbourne, 4/12/2014

Hearing, Trondheim, 22/05/2014


Spoken Word Performances

* Sharing our struggles, Queeristan Festival, July 2015

* Tante Horst, Verlängertes Wohnzimmer, Herbst/Winter 2013

* 24 h Theater, Brotfabrik, Berlin, March 2013

* Ashes of the night, 5 years collective, Hackney, London, 2009


Other group shows

* The Weight of Words, visual performance mixing text and movement, directed by Manuela Tessi

More info on

* WarteZimmer, One day workshop and evening performance run by Meritxell Campos Olivé, Urbanraum, Berlin, 11 Oct. 2015

* Speak Out, a collectively devised play on sexual abuse, on tour in Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig and Hamburg, July 2015
Multiple roles, in German, see

* Aquafemme, Tableaux vivants by Lindy Annis, Galerie M, Marzahn, Sept. 2014

* Human Loops 2014, Dance-Theatre Community-Project, Dir: Meritxell Campos Olivé Company, Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Dresden, July 2014

* If I could speak, play devised by Sonja Waldhaus, Art of Acting School, Berlin, March 2014
Role: lab cat 1.

* Der Geizige, Les Cohérents, Dir.: Bea Ellinger, Brotfabrik and BadeHaus, July 2013
Roles: La Flèche and Mariane