If you like one of these paintings and would like to have one, or try it at home,
please contact me per email, oddinmotion [a] lilo.org.


Compromise or the battle of 2 minds

Compromise or the battle of two minds
Triptych, oil on canvas, 2017
30 x 20 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 30 x 20 cm
Private collection, Germany


Débords d’inflorescence
Diptych, oil on canvas, 2013
40 x 51 cm
Private collection, France


Dans l’espace tangent, il y a la projection de toi et moi
Diptych, oil on Canvas, 2015
40 x 40 cm , 40 x 40 cm


How i see it how it is be zen

Tempête sur Neukölln
Triptych, oil on canvas, cotton, glitters, mirror, 2016
30 x 30 cm


Dripping on canvas
Series of 2 paintings (30 x 25cm) and 7 paper samples
Coloured wax, human fluid, hair, sea shells, 2015/16
Private collection, Germany & France

This series was feature by the online zine sexpluszine : click here to read more


Po orny me winter 17-18 De plaisir explosée, winter 2017-18

larger paperworks, available separately
Po_orny me? and De plaisir explosée
71 x 110 cm each, both displayed at the Asile 404, Marseilles, in March 2018


Miscelleanees, 2014-2015