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A Quest

I am a roamer
exiting a country for another

I was on the lookout for a better place to live but no
the grass is not greener here or there
I had to see the world for myself I guess

I wanted to see me real before I die so
I backpacked the world, full of passion ‘n ideas and
I still trot around the globe
absorbing its landscapes & cultures so

my home is myself and
when I feel homesick I do not know where to go
coz I’m an alien in my homeland
not a local in my adoptive country so

I roam and I roam and I stop
where it feels good to stop so

my home is myself but I still haven’t found my dreamlike dwelling so
the journey drags on and on and on and

when I get sick or upset my body contracts
‘n sends me signals like I should stop
and find a shoulder to cry
a blanket to lie on,
a …
a fellow really because

everywhere I am I struggle to find pieces of myself in that world of only-me because
I left parts of me everywhere I went and
I feel all over the place and I

long to find mates to share my travels with and
I pine for a rest
in an otherworldly home


I will have to build this home
I will create it
brick after brick
with my hopes and fantasies and
give it flesh as I would for a luscious meal with friends and
give it.