As a poet and a dance artist, I am driven by topics as diverse as planned obsolescence,
smells & landscape, the destructive power of the unsaid, sexualities (from abuse
to bliss), and a post-gender discourse.

Videos and excerpts on my vimeo page :

Solo shows (Concept and performance : Oddinmotion)

Beyond, sound: M. Flandergan, Rencontre en scène, Rostock Universität, 06/2018

Moi face aux autres, sound: Nora Neko, Asile 404, 03/2018, Marseille

Sitting Pretty, 10 Times 6, Ada Studios, 05/2015, Berlin

Recent collaborations (as a dancer or a poet)

à voix multiples, par multiples voix, words and voice, for Julie Avril, prod Accords Ouverts, 2021-22

Impromenades, dance duets and solo for Marion Michel and La Compagnie du parquet nomade, Mollans sur Ouvèze, Summer 2020

Chambre, dir. Nora Neko and neKomata, Compagnie ça s’aKroche, Octobre 2018, Paris and Marseille

Mille-Mains, a dance-theatre performance on a text by Laure Samama, Le boudoir 2.0, Espace Cosmos, Arles, juillet 2018

Designed to die? a duet on planned obsolescence, with Jo Bruhn, premiered 10/2016 after a month residency at Lake Studios, Berlin

La Ligne d’Amour 49, alternative show on a city bus in Marseilles, France, 02/2018

Me_at Me, a film by S. Waldhaus, editing Z. Zandieh, a Ballhaus Naunynstrasse production for Kiez-Monatsschau vol. XXVII The Gold, The Curtain & Queer,

A Quest, a dance performance on home inspired by one of my poems (available here, Südstern Collective, Berlin, 2014

U-Bahn Aktion, a dance piece on public and private spaces performed on the Tube, Südstern Collective, Berlin, 2013


Site specific improvisation

Tripita and the Wizard, Mauerpark, Berlin, 01/07/2016

Inhaling Freedom, Fuerteventura desert, 16/02/2016

Pillars of contact, outdoor sculpture before the Museum of Sydney, 22/01/2015

Between a lamppost and a bird, Bicentennial Park, Sydney, 03/01/2015

Beyond, Camperdown Cemetery, Sydney, 18/12/2014

Proximities, William Barak Bridge, Melbourne, 4/12/2014

Hearing, Trondheim, 22/05/2014


Spoken Word Performances

* Sharing our struggles, Queeristan Festival, July 2015

* Tante Horst, Verlängertes Wohnzimmer, Herbst/Winter 2013

* 24 h Theater, Brotfabrik, Berlin, March 2013

* Ashes of the night, 5 years collective, Hackney, London, 2009


Other group shows

* The Weight of Words, visual performance mixing text and movement, directed by Manuela Tessi

More info on

* WarteZimmer, One day workshop and evening performance run by Meritxell Campos Olivé, Urbanraum, Berlin, 11 Oct. 2015

* Speak Out, a collectively devised play on sexual abuse, on tour in Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig and Hamburg, July 2015
Multiple roles, in German, see

* Aquafemme, Tableaux vivants by Lindy Annis, Galerie M, Marzahn, Sept. 2014

* Human Loops 2014, Dance-Theatre Community-Project, Dir: Meritxell Campos Olivé Company, Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Dresden, July 2014

* If I could speak, play devised by Sonja Waldhaus, Art of Acting School, Berlin, March 2014
Role: lab cat 1.

* Der Geizige, Les Cohérents, Dir.: Bea Ellinger, Brotfabrik and BadeHaus, July 2013
Roles: La Flèche and Mariane