2013 24 Stunden Theater_Brotfabrik_Berlin Promoting Dance for a better world with Designed to die? together with Jo Bruhn The beast in me (c) E. Puzzoli Exploring the audience Groll Linden sorrow Requiem to a binary world (c) A Stach ©-Patrick-Beelaert-56 2015 (c) Louise Markise_2   Site Specific Trondheim 1 A-a-A Site Specific Trondheim 3   Site Specific Trondheim 2 Linden sorrow ©-Patrick-Beelaert-157 2014 A Quest 2 with Jobina Bardai and Maggie Cappelletti   The beast in me(c) E. Puzzoli Minerva Temple 2013 U2 with Südstern Collective   2015 SP Ronald Spratte ©-Patrick-Beelaert-32 2015 SP Bernd Kumar 1   (c) E. Puzzoli Minerva Temple (c) E. Puzzoli Fleur de cimetière 2014 A Quest 1 with Südstern Collective   Working with A L Agostini   2015 (c) Louise Markise 1 ©-Patrick-Beelaert-107 2015 Speak Out en Tournée   2014 Working on A Quest for Südstern Collective (c) Maggie Cappelletti temps-suspendu Our first flyer for Designed to die?